The Holy Wire, 4 Pack

The Holy Wire, 4 Pack


Three Strands of 30g SS316L intertwined together with two strands of 30g SS316L wrapped in 40g Ni80 in a special pattern and then hand hammered out into the flat profile and rolled for consistency offered in two dimensions, and cleaned for a quality experience. This wire offers a highly unique appearance.

Package includes 4 individual “Holy Wire Coils”

Due to the unique nature of this wire various diameters require a slight alteration in the tightness of the pattern to allow things to line up. Also due to the difficulty to create this wire please allow 1-4 days of processing time before shipping.

Whole numbered wrap counts (4,5,6,7) have the legs on opposing sides. Half numbered wraps (4.5,5.5,6.5) have both legs on the same side.

Coils in photo are Clockwise.

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