Super-Flat Quad 27g Coils, 10 Pack

Super-Flat Quad 27g Coils, 10 Pack



Four strands of 27g SS316L twisted, flattened, wrapped to your dimensions and thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic bath for the cleanest experience. Designed for higher power use while minimizing mass for efficiency.

Package includes 10 coils.

Resistance Values:

3.5mm, 5 wrap = 0.20 ohms

4.75mm, 4 wrap = 0.20 ohms

Whole numbered wrap counts (4,5,6,7) have the legs on opposing sides. Half numbered wraps (4.5,5.5,6.5) have both legs on the same side.

Coils in the pictures are Clockwise.

Inner Diameter:
Wrap Count:
Wrap Direction:
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