The Science

There is a simple science that can be applied to coils that can make them excel at their job. Reduced mass and increased surface area are two key factors that come to mind. A simple way to achieve this is to use thinner wire, which is not as easy as it sounds, thin wire is very easily deformed and makes the instillation process very difficult. To remedy this multiple strands of thin wire are formed together and then flattened to accommodate their bulkiness.

These thin strands have less mass compared to their surface area and therefore take less energy to heat up to running temps. The additional surface area provided by the multiple thinner strands allows for more heat transfer between the coil and liquid.

Why flattened?

Now you may ask why i go through the trouble of flattening out all my wire. You may wonder if it provides any purpose, any advantage over regular wire builds. Now if you remember from above, anything that can increase the surface area or reduce the mass of a coil can help it perform even better.

Flattening wire can:

  • physically increases the surface area of the wire.

  • bring the coil closer to the wick ensuring better saturation

  • spread the wire out over a greater area of cotton allowing the wicking to better keep up

  • open up small gaps and crevices which allows more thorough saturation of the coil

  • allow larger diameter coils to be used

Why SS316L?

SS316L is a tried and tested material shown to avoid corrosion within the harshest of environments. The low resistance allows for longer coils to be used on unregulated devices (compared to Kanthal and Nichrome80) while its moderate TCR curve allows for some interesting and very useful mechanics when ran unregulated or in Voltage mode.

SS316L increases resistance approximately 18% when ran between 400F and 500F, this means that a coil with a room temperature resistance of 0.14 ohms will increase to around 0.16-0.17 ohms within our application. This allows us to stay within batteries’ CDR rating while pulling a little extra on the initial ramp up.

My Dream Wire

We all have a dream, but I bet yours isn’t about wire. Not to worry Ill take care of the boring and monotonous dreams and just give you the results.

IMG_1692 (2).JPG
IMG_1784 (2).JPG

IMG_1762 (2).JPG


All products are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath for to ensure you get the best experience possible. All products are made from simple round wire of various gauges using mostly hand powered processes, all process that are not powered by hand are powered by solar (if the weather permits) as we peruse sustainability. Food grade lubricants are used on the wire forming process. Lubrication is an essential part in the flattening process to ensure consistent results, any residual lubricants have been removed with an ultrasonic bath. Exotic type coils may take additional processing time before shipment. Return customers can add “Double Flat” into the comments to double the order in and receive flat wire sticks instead of coils. *These products are not intended to be used with any drugs. These coils are intended for theatrical prop heating elements for special effects. All Sales are final, no returns. Please contact us if you have any issues. Shipping is only available in the United States, please contact us via email.