Eco Spool, 20'+

Eco Spool, 20'+


This Eco spool is designed to be more user friendly and economical than the standard spool designs. The wire is secured in a way that prevents destructive de-spooling and allows you to work directly off the spool minimizing waste. Every spool is thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

When wrapping (because its a little springy)

28g; wrap 0.5mm smaller with extra wraps at 2-3mm aiming for 2.5-3.5mm, for 4mm coils wrap at 1/8in, when wrapping at 3.5mm the coil will spring out to ~4.75mm.

30g; wrap 0.5mm smaller with extra wraps at 2-2.5mm aiming for 2.5-3mm, when wrapping at 3mm the coil will spring out to 4mm.

32g; 2mm expands to 2.5mm, 1.5mm expands to about 1.75mm, 2.5mm expands to almost 3.5mm.

34g: 1.5mm has minimal expansion, 2mm expands to 2.5mm.

Includes one spool of 20 feet of wire. Wire may contain minimal imperfections. Super Flat wire is approximately 20% wider than Flat Quad wire of equivalent gauge.

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