Terms & Conditions


All purchases are final, refunds and satisfaction are not guarnteed.

All orders will be shipped within 3 business days to the best of our ability. Shipping is only available within the continental United States.

Always be safe, we are not responsible for what you do with this product. Please use responsibly. Always engage in battery safety and check your wraps. Do not use any battery that has damaged wraps. This product is not intended to be used with nicotine. Do not consume or ingest this product as it is not edible. Do not heat this product up over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Not intended for children, choking hazard.

Please use common sense in all aspects of your life.

Your purchase may be elegible for a free double-upgrade, ask in the comment section and i will double your wire purchase and send you wire segments instead of pre-coiled coils. This lets you save money while helping save us from some of the more tedious work. Not eligable with all wire types, some wire types need to be wrapped to a specific diameter to preserve the pattern.